Management- Consultancy Services


BIMER  offers consultancy services on various kinds of subjects such as increasing fertility and the profitability, reducing their costs, improving the quality of their products and the services they have offered and increasing the competitive power.


Contributions Which We can Offer to the State and Private Associations With Our Constultancy Services

  • To offer practical and innovative solutions for the problems which the institutions have
  • To search the origins of the problems and to define them and to develop appropriate
  • suggestions for them
  • To show ways to the company owners and the executive group how to apply the solutions
  • which are found and to help them during the implementation periods
  • To offer alternative suggestions to the institutions or companies how to make the most
  • appropriate decisions
  • To develop companies and develop them healthly
  • To increase the competitive power of the institutions
  • To support institutions during their institutionalization
  • To find the strong and the weak issues with the help of the sector and operation analysis; to
  • provide opportunities for the weak subjects or remove them

To add nominal value to the institutions we work with and bring out the values they have