Our centre was founded in 1987 and the aim of our centre is to do scientific studies which are directly or indirectly related with the regional development studies and business sciences and to inform the results of these studies and the feedbacks on these areas to the national and international institutions and to make contributions to the developments of these institutions. Since it was founded, it has done cooperative works with the respected institutions of our region and run common projects.Our centre has provided counselling services to many private and state institutions in our region and made contributions to these institutions with the training and certificate programmes.

To do research with the state and private institutions and with the residents, working together on the étude and project studies and to get suggestions from the native and foreign experts to make these studies real, preparing reports and providing consulting services  are the crucial issues which take place in the activity list of our centre.

Our work-based centre has been working nearly 30 years and it has designated the regional benefit as a primary target with its expert instructors who have aimed the social advantage as a principle and it is a respected and radical institution with a professional team.

The advisory board of our centre consists of the representatives of the respected institutions of our region and it is an effective institution which consists of the top executive members of the Izmir Development Agnecy, Turkish Labor Agency, Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkish Small and Medium Business Development and Support Administration.In this respect, our centre can reach many institutions when any kind of work will be done in our region and it has a very important advantage of getting support of these institutions and working together with them.

Regional Development and Business Sciences Research and Application Center is located in one of the most radical universities in Turkey at Dokuz Eylul University where the physical resources, professional academic staffs and its consulting service pool can be found and our center aims to transfer its experience on national projects to the international areas by doing cooperation with the expert key players and to increase its experience on multinational projects and cooperation with the industrial cooperations it has done and it also aims to be placed in an international consortium which will primarily focus on the subject, entitled “Solutions to Our Social Problems” and where knowledge, qualifications and the professionalism will be used.