– To support the developments of the state and private sectors in our region

– To guide the administrations in our region how to produce less cost and more profitable   products of better quality

–  To make contributions to increase the skills and the business quality of the employees who work for the state and private sectors with the life long learning principle

– To present the effects of  the technological developments to business models and to the management systems

–  To identify the training programs which is required in business life and present them

–  To create study groups, to do research and to prepare their publications

–  To cooperate with the national and international associations for some projects

– To help our instructors and students to take the advantages of the national and international fund resources

– To organise the training courses, seminars, panels and factory excursions which will help our students to increase their skills

– To organise panels, symposiums and workshops for our students and to introduce them professional people in their careers

– To make contributions to the personal developments of our students