Writing Project and Consulting


  It is aimed to support our students and our instructors to write projects which are related with the European Union, Development Agencies, TUBITAK and KOSGEB during their preparation process and to increase the awareness with the seminars and training programmes which are related with the project preparation process.

Informative/ Basic level training courses and Applied/ Advanced level courses are given to the state and private institutions to write projects during the pareparation process. Besides, consulting services  are provided for the state and private institutions during the project preparation and writing process, during the application process to the fund resources and during the project process.Consulting services are provided for the state institutions, private sectors   on designing, applying, managing, observing and evaluating the projects which are funded by the European Union and the other donors.

  Training Programmes

  a- Informative/Basic Level Training Courses

      i- National and international fund resources

ii- Financial Cooperation between Turkey and European Union- Financial Aid Before

Participation (IPA I/II) European Union Donation Projects

   b- Applied/ Advanced Level Training Programmes

     i- Project Cycyle Management

ii– Logical Framework Matrix

 iii- Project Application Process (Contents will be different for the Development

Agency and for the European Union Programmes)

1-  A Guidebook for Donation Application

          2-  Preparing the Application Form

          3-  Preparing the Budget

          4-  Evaluation Process

  1. Project Management

           1-  Purchasing Rules

           2-   Reporting

3-   Keeping budget

4-   Observing and evaluation


Counselling Services

a- Counselling Services during the Project Application Process

     i-  Necessity analysis

     ii- Following the Fund Resources

iii– Preparing the Application Papers and Applying

 b- Project Management

     i-  Managing the project which is awarded to get fund according to the activity plan

    ii-  Preparing the purchasing plan and applying it

   iii- Writing reports